Responsible Ghanaians won’t listen to Twene Jonas – Mark Okraku-Mantey

Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Mark Okraku-Mantey says responsible citizens will never listen to controversial Ghanaian social commentator Twene Jonas who is based in the United States, .

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz the Deputy Minister entreated Ghanaians to rather focus on selling their country positively which will immensely contributes to the growth of tourism.

“When you see that there is something on tourism, you should show interest don’t say you are different, you should show interest in tourism. When you step out and you have to speak about Ghana, speak good, say nice things about Ghana,” he advised.

Twene Jonas, over time, has been using his social media accounts to call out the current government on their shortfalls by the use of inappropriate words which has led to him gaining a large following, something the Deputy Minister sees as uncalled for.

According to the Deputy Minister, every country has got its challenges but it is up to them to let them out. Based on this, he urged people in the known to use their platforms to speak well of their country and not to emulate what Twene Jonas usually does.

“Don’t go and exhibit our weaknesses. Every country has got its weaknesses but they don’t tell us. It is up to you to tell your story. So as people who have access to microphones or the owners of microphones, use your microphones to sell Ghana, say good things. Don’t copy Twene Jonas,” he stressed.

When cautioned that the latter would return with a response, he replied by saying that he is ready for it, as every patriotic citizen knows that he has spoken the truth.

“I am ready for the response but every responsible Ghanaian knows that I have spoken the truth”, Okraku-Mantey noted.

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