Johnnie Hughes Warns Daily Guide and Chronicle About Their Take in Alleged Tension at Ghana Immigration Service

By Jeffrey Curtis Dyson

Host of TV3’s NewDay Morning Show, Johnnie Beresford Hughes has warned pro New Patriotic Party (NPP) newspapers, the Chronicle and Daily Guide to stop dragging his name and that of TV3 in the mud.

The two newspapers, following Mr. Hughes ranting days ago about a seeming tension in the immigration service dragged TV3 in its editorials titled “Pull-Him-Down” In Full Flight” and Coup at Immigration” respectively.

The Chronicle accused the station of leading an agenda to oust the Immigration Boss, Mr. Kwame Asuah Takyi from his position for Deputy Comptroller-General in charge of Legal, Research and Monitory, Madam Baaba Asare to take over.

“What appears to be a coup d’état follows a letter from the Deputy Comptroller-General in charge of Legal and Research and Monitory, Madam Baaba Asare issuing a letter directing Mr. Takyi to go on retirement to take over the position of the Comptroller-General, Mr. Kwame Asuah Takyi.  

In an open, letter to President Akufo-Addo, the concerned Senior Officers believe the posture of Baaba Asare is akin to a coup.

“Your Excellency, this botched coup d’état set the tone of numerous negative bashing against the Comptroller General, to oust him out of service. Sir Madam Baaba Asare is one of the lawyers that TV3 of Media General is lobbying to become the Comptroller-General of Immigration Service,” part of the Chronicle ‘s report reads. “Pull-Him-Down” In Full Flight” – Daily Guide

The Daily Guide on the other hand, although, did not mention the station anywhere in its editorialPull-Him-Down” In Full Flight” it noted the attack on the immigration boss was paid for.

“We can only wonder sometimes when we read or hear the kinds of things people, hired for such operations, say about their targets.

In many of these attacks, aggrieved and sulking persons within public or even security institutions who have paid the pipers, dictate destructive tunes as they sing along in their corners.

The Police Administration had in recent times responded to attempts at discrediting it by such killjoys after the IGP descended on so-called outcome of studies. The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Comptroller-General had his turn last week as he was put on the spot incessantly in a project which has turned out to be a sponsored one from some sulking personalities.

Don’t try it – Johnnie Hughes tells Daily Guide,Chronicle

Reacting to the two publications on Mr. Hughes tells Jeffrey Curtis Dyson: I do not know Ms. Asare or having taking money to run down the immigration boss. He then warned the two newspapers not to try him.

He noted if he is dared, he will raise more questions about Mr. Asuah Takyi since he has documents to back all the claims he made about him.

 “If they dare me, I will ask more questions because I have the document and I will prove it. They shouldn’t try me. Me when I eat, I eat base on my integrity.  So Daily Guide and Chronicle this is a warning to you,”, Mr Hughes said

He added “Look, there is a Senior Immigration Officer who called me after I finish my programme on Tuesday; he is part of the top. He called me. He wanted audience, he said where we can meet?  If you dare me, I will mention his name and show you the text. Don’t try me don’t come and say somebody gave me money. If you in your position will be so corrupt and compromise to take money, I won’t. Don’t cross that line”.

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