Dozens dead after rocket strike on railway station – Ukraine

Over a thousand people at railway station before strike – eyewitness

Some more details now from Kramatorsk, where the state rail company says at least 30 people were killed this morning in a missile strike at the town’s train station.

Nathan Mook, CEO of the World Central Kitchen charity, was at the station just moments before the attack and spoke to the BBC about what he witnessed.

“We were driving by the station over an overpass, we could see well over a thousand people. It was crowded, just like it was yesterday and the day before,” he said.

Mook says he then heard the sound of five to 10 explosions “two minutes after we had driven by”.

“You feel it before you hear it. The explosion rattles you on the inside.”

“One of our guys at the [food] warehouse said he had seen Ukrainian air defences intercept one of the rockets. These were missiles.”

After driving back to the site of the attack, Mook describes a scene of devastation: “The remnants of one of the missiles in the parking lots, blown out windows, a couple dozen casualties.”

“Emergency crews were on the ground very quickly, tending to people that were injured and had been killed,” he added.

Mook posted the video below yesterday, which gives some sense of the crowds at the station.

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