Black Sherif’s Mozama Disco concert

The day for the sermon is here. Fans of Black Sherif finally have the opportunity to dine with their icon.

The recently announced ‘Mozama Disco’ comes off on Wednesday, December 21, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

Kweku Frimpong, as he is affectionately called, sees Mozama Disco as an art of life for the youth of Ghana and beyond the world.

The event which is the 20-year-old’s debut flagship concert is expected to be a combination of various art forms with music and fashion at its core.

The show will also reflect the diverse backgrounds making up the army of Blacko Tribe.

Mozama Disco is also intended to inculcate a spirit of adventure, cooperation, creation of excellence in the domain of art and culture and feelings of fraternity, patriotism, unity and brotherhood with a power-packed production and visual experience line-up of professionals and artists for your pleasure.

There will also be a Meet & Greet session among other fun activities. The gates open at 4 PM.

Black Sherif released his much-anticipated album, The Villain I Never Was’ which is currently enjoying massive streams and good reviews across the digital stream platform spectrum.

Tickets to Mozama Disco are available here.

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