African Artistes deserve diplomatic passports – Sarkodie

BET Awardee and Ghana’s rap icon Sarkodie says the work of African artistes as ambassadors of their countries can be made flexible if they are given diplomatic passports.

According to him, if African artistes are given diplomatic passports to enable them travel smoothly around the world, it will help them promote their countries better.

Sarkodie made these comments during a press conference to present Ghana to the French press prior to the Accra in Paris Concert on Saturday, April 23.

He believes if if such an identity document is made easily “accessible” to musicians on the continent, “we can move quick and share light on our country. It’s going to help.”

He added that, there should not be impediments in the path of him and his colleagues to let the world know about what their countries have to offer the world.

“We had a conversation and she was even talking about the fact that, we deserve to have diplomatic passports sometimes. …now I just want to move because I have been on the move as an ambassador for Ghana. So, I shouldn’t have to face any hustle to go spread my own country. It’s better I have an easy way to be able to move freely and be an ambassador to spread the word about Ghana.”

Concluding his comments, he said;

“That has been a hustle but hopefully one day we will get there so it can be easier for artistes in Africa.”

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